I’m A’Oni Allure, promo model with DyVers Colour Promotions, and local company Raineater Wiperblades. I have been modeling for three years now, and have enjoyed yet gained a lot of experience. I love to network and support others that are in the industry; whom are serious about their business. I found modeling to be an outlet to relieve stress. Modeling is fun, but others do not realize that it is challenging hardwork, too. I exercise faithfully thanks to my military background. Modeling has helped me discover my passion for fashion. I plan to let modeling take me places, and build from it a clothing line that is already in progress. Areas of modeling: urban, print/catalog, promo, fit, swimwear, and glam. I am 27 years old, currently working for an agency that takes care of individuals with disabilities. I served in the US Air Force for 9 years, went to school for Dental Assisting, in which I am a certified dental assistant. I am currently pursuing a college degree to be a Dental Hygienist.



E-mail : a_oni.allure@yahoo.com or AAllure1985@gmail.com