Entice Diamanté (was born March 18, 1987) in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This Jamaican Canadian Beauty now standing tall at 6’1 has always stood out of the crowd with her long slim figure. Her love for the Fashion & Beauty Industry blossomed at the age of 14, “I took a home economics class in junior high school and really enjoyed it.The ability to take my creativity to another level was always really exciting”. Because of her amazing personality that is constantly shining through, she has often been approached by her peers about pursuing a career in the arts (i.e acting,modeling). At the age of 18 she began to familiarize herself with the industry and was signed to an agency for a couple years. In 2006, she decided to put the modeling and acting on hold to attend college, where she graduated with a major in marketing. Now she is back on the scene as a model, she is working hard to build up her portfolio and is currently available for bookings, “Modeling has always been something that I’ve enjoyed, and now I feel that I really have a chance to shine and kick my career into full gear”. Not only a stunning model, Mizz Entice is also a talented makeup artist, radio show personality, and entrepreneur. “I’m a creative being, and I enjoy expressing myself through multiple avenues.” She has been building an empire, and it continues to grow despite the negativity from those around her. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for what this talented young woman has planned next.



Website : www.mizzentice.com