Barbi Larue came into the world on June 25th, 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina into a loving family as the second born of her parent’s trio of daughters. Smooth sailing is the best way to describe Larue’s early years as a child. Her father was revered as one of the top Chef’s in the food industry at the time, and her stay at home mother served as the backbone of the families stronghold, always doing her best to maintain family order. With a mixed cultural background of Argentinean, Italian, and Bolivian there was never a dull moment in Larue’s family. Weather it was a birthday, wedding or a random Monday night, both her mother and father’s side of the family regularly joined together in celebration. The early 2000’s were some of the darkest times in Argentina’s history. The countries economy was in shambles and because of its deterioration it forced families such as Larue’s to make a life changing decision of whether to stay or move away. After a great deal of thought, Laure’s family made the ultimate decision to move overseas to America. Naturally adjusting to American lifestyle was all but easy for Larue as she was faced with the challenge to quickly adjust to the culture, language, and over all lifestyle differences that made up American society. The adolescent years in America were the most difficult. The Struggle to fit in was extremely important to Larue at the time and in an effort to be popular she rebelled and made many thoughtless decisions that caused her to be expelled from her Middle School, and with no other options, Larue finished out her middle school and early high school years in the local alternative facility.

Unlike most in Larue’s situation, she never had that one “ah ha” moment that changed her life for the better, and to this day she would testify that she had a “random epiphany” to do better in her life because she saw the dead end that her life was hurdling towards and also how her actions were hurting those that loved her. For starters, Larue focused her energy into making better grades and graduating high school which she did in 2010 from Annandale High School. Now a graduate and an adult, Larue knew that it was time to take steps to finding a career so she began to weigh her options. After trying her hand in a variety of activities that included party promotions, public relations, and dancing, Larue knew that she needed a little bit more to satisfy her passionate side. One day while riding the DC metro, Larue was approached by a man who expressed interest in shooting her in a photo shoot. Reluctantly she agreed and one month later she participated in her first photo shoot. Automatically she fell in love and knew right then that modeling was the only way for her to live by. Since her first photo shoot Larue has worked with clothing lines Neo Daviso, Heartbrks, Demarco Solar and Banana Couture. She also has been published in the book “Sheer” by Predro E. Bauza; as well as local and global magazines.

Larue is also known for her appearances in both promotional and music videos for Pink Boss Ent; and artists such as Yung Reek, P.A and a laundry list of more. On top of being just a gorgeous model, Larue realizes that she must also effect change on the world while she travels on her journey towards success. It is also Larue’s vision and goal to inspire young woman everywhere to find love and beauty within themselves. Larue wants to start an organization entitled “House of Love” for struggling young teens with backgrounds of physical and mental abuse, eating disorders, and other various self harming acts. Larue realizes that imperfection is in fact pure beauty and with her own story Larue wants to help young teen woman everywhere realize their full potential just as she did.



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