Sasha K. Shaheen was born to be a star. Since young she has always shown interest in
numerous fields of multimedia entertainment. Acting, dancing, and modeling are some of the
natural attributes that Sasha has been involved in since her chilhood. With her desire for the
spotlight and parents concent she embarked on a career as a model. Sasha quote: ” My whole
life I have been faced with changelles, but my love and passions for what I do is what drives me.”
Since young she has manage to adapt to a multicutural society; speak three languages fluently;
and she cares for and nurchures an autisic younger brother. She also is currently enrolled in
Northern Viginia Community College to obtain her in medical license in nursing.
           Sasha has been casted to peform for dozens of shows and events. To name a few she’s
casted for a D.C. artist Wale, and was in his ,”Pat your weave,” video. She was the 1st model selected to rip the runway for
Lil Webbies Baltimore concert. She wasinvolved in Buffie the Bodys Bikini vs.Lingere show on Oct. 2nd. And a host of other engagements. She was a promo Model for Jim Jones’s clothing line called,”Parish.”