Starr Joy is full of personality, style and fulfilling her dreams. This is why she goes by the name Starr Joy.  She is committed to modeling, fashion and grasping her audience’s attention. Starr Joy is from Augusta, Georgia and is pursuing her dream in the beautiful city of Miami.  When not on this beach, this U.S. Army veteran is furthering her education and also building her modeling career with her appreciation for cosmetics and clothing and developing her acting skills. “Acting is modeling with words, just as with modeling your body movement, language, facial expressions and overall demeanor plays a major role in the outcome and  this is something I truly love”, Starr says of her work. The 5’2 Virgo also has three attachments with her.  Lil Wayne, the color pink and Hello Kitty.  Starr Joy respects that Lil Wayne is comfortable with himself regardless of how everyone views him.  Starr Joy appreciates the color pink because it is a girly color that has various shades, is never used in relations to negativity, or sadness and because it make her think of JOY. “I love Hello Kitty and what it represents.  If you notice she has no mouth but even with the absence of her mouth she still brings a sense of cheerfulness and joy.  It’s as if Hello Kitty can match whatever mood you need at that time.  I also relate the absence of her mouth to the gracefulness of woman.  A woman has the ability to brighten up any room and the ability to gain the attention of the world without having to even open her mouth to say a single word“. Starr’s habits consists of writing songs, poems, and short stories.  She also enjoys traveling, trying new foods,  the beach, hanging out with close friends and family, as well as working on herself to better herself to become the best at what she does.



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