Hi, my name is Cavel Davis. I am originally from Trinidad but I currently live in Maryland. I have been modeling, off and on, since the year 2000. I started my career when I was in the Marine Corps and shot for one of their catalogs. From then on, I transitioned into promotional modeling, runway, and have worked with multiple model organizations within Washington, D.C. I became an “eye candy” model in 2008 when I was featured in my first two magazines that are based in Washington, DC. Since then, I have been trying to work my way up in the industry. I have been featured in nearly 18 magazines and featured on numerous websites. I have also been in multiple music videos. I’m also on the cover of three books, “The Available Wife : Part 2”, “Confessions”, and “Black Diamond – Lucky Chance 3”  which are each available for sale on Amazon.com. I’ve also tried my hand in acting, too. I’ve been in two short films and an independent movie, “Anything But Love”. I was also a socialite extra in BET’s television series, “The Game”, in one of their prior seasons. I won the Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) Model of the Year in 2012, and Impact Model of the Year in 2013.

Most recently I began a new venture as the sideline reporter for the Beltway Bombers, a basketball team in the APBL League.  Coming up, I am participating in a runway competition in May 2014 which will be in New Jersey with John Blassingame. In my personal life, I am very laid back. I try to separate the glamor and personal side as much as possible. I rarely have time to myself as I work full-time, have a daughter, and I am also enrolled in college. When I do have a little time to myself, I love traveling. The best thing about this industry, to me, is getting to meet new people and traveling as well. Stay tuned as you will be seeing much more of me in time. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better


E-mail : Bookings.Cavel@gmail.com