Lucy 2 Cold

Standing 5’3 in height and weighs 155 lbs, this Cali girl currently lives in the mountains…Besides having a daughter and being a proud mother, dancing is her 1st love…Her zodiac sign is “Gemini” and, yes, she let it be known that she has a split personality…A fun loving girl all around, she enjoys switching from kicks to heels…She also loves being in front of the camera, whether posing in pics to making her juicy ass clap…She’s goofy and likes to laugh at almost everything…The saying, “Short girls are feisty” is true and says that she can be at times…She’s been dancing since the day she could move…She believes she’s a “mystery” because people get an impression of her before actually meeting and get a  different feel after, which she loves…She’s living the single life and not looking for love but always need good friends…ENJOY!!!…



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