Rybel Magazine is about women. We know the media is always saying models don’t reflect what a real woman looks like but models are REAL women! A lot of women, in this field, choose to diet or exercise to achieve their look while my magazine is about real bodied women. Its about being thick, slender, or skinny…Just be you! Embrace your beauty, which makes you a stunning woman. There are so many stunning women out there who are looked past everyday because they are mothers with kids, a school nurse, a “mail lady”, and such positions in life where the femininity isn’t allowed to be displayed as much.

Every issue of this magazine has a theme which shows the personality and beauty of a woman using quality well-planned imagery that comes from PhotosByPhelps, creator of the magazine, whom has years of talent with a camera.. You’ll never see images that disrespect the models shown to sell issues. Every model in my magazine can be proud of their work 5, 10, and 25 years down the road. If your a model or woman who’s ready to be seen, contact us to be featured in our next issue.