Kueen Nef, the Egyptian, is a mixed Jamaican and Indian breed woman that’s uniquely crafted and created into a goddess. Her modeling career has been impacting the industry with her presence and leaving a mark. She been featured in Succosso Magazine, Babe Magazine, and has a few internet features online as well. She’s worked with great photographers such as Magic City Studios of Birmingham, Alabama, AJ Chevious of Atlanta, Georgia, Lil Cuz Imaging Photography of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and many more. Kueen has worked alongside a lot of high-end models and ripped a few runways since becoming a model for “Kurvy Girl Model Management” in 2014. She’s dynamic and versatile and will create your vision come true. Not only is she a published model she’s also a Rapper. Her mic control can’t be mimicked nor hated on. She’s has numerous music videos and songs across YouTube and mouth dropping eye-candy twerk videos. She’s a hot socialite on Instagram and Facebook. With her “Kueen Shit” Brand, launching soon, she’s going to impact the industry with all her talents from a beautician down to musician. She’s a mans “dream come true” but a boss at the same time. Woman so powerful as King, She is your Kueen!!!



E-mail : Kerri.Bland@gmail.com