Catherin Nicholson an aspiring model coming from Hampton, Va who resides in Texas. She has lived in Miami, Dallas, and has explored parts of Atlanta as well. She has been published in at least 6 magazines. You have seen her in music videos such as Lil Keke ft Lil Young “My whole Life” Ballamucho “Complex Love” Big Walz “She Bad”. But that’s not the end you can catch her in an up and coming TV show called “The Rise of an Agency” produced by a Houston based modeling agency called J Mulan. She is also entered into Maxim’s Finest competition which starts August 30. There she will be competing for $25,000 along with a modeling contract. You can post your votes by going to She has been awarded model of the month by Conceited magazine. She has also been featured in calendars and posters which are on sale now… Shes a fun, outgoing, and free spirited individual who hopes to make it to another country in order expand her love for the model industry. Her social media is @mscatherinn_vlive Facebook: Catherin Nicholson Her booking info is 

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